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Saturday, April 14, 2012

For centuries, the Chinese people have practiced feng shui—the ancient study of locating objects in specific ways to observe a certain flow of good energy called “chi”. The Chinese are very careful in placing different objects to prevent bad fortune from coming their way. Since they have a relatively superstitious culture, the people apply feng shui in every aspect of their lives such as family, children, marriage, business and many others.

When it comes to the home, feng shui is also used to achieve the correct placement of furniture and other things inside each part of the structure. This is done to ensure the flow of good fortune and bestow good energy and peace of mind to the homeowner. The basic premise of feng shui is this: For every yin, there’s a yang and vice versa. This practice aims to maintain the balance in the universe and even at home.

Ways to Achieve Good Chi in Your Home

In feng shui, it’s advised not to dwell near temples, government buildings, casinos, graveyards, butcher’s shops, hospitals and even straight roads. Living near a river with loud rapids is also discouraged. Instead, you must build your house near a winding road or river because these attract good energy. You may also opt to have a house with a mountain or a hill behind it. For your entire house, feng shui teaches that you don’t make it different in huge ways from all the houses in the neighborhood. The abode shouldn’t be much taller or much smaller than the rest of the houses in your area because it will only pave the way for the bad flow of chi. Ensure that your home is well-ventilated and receives enough sunlight.

Feng Shui and the Different Parts of Your House

Proper furniture placement is vital for good energy to come into your residence. Several ways are available for you to achieve balance. The Ba Gua designates meanings to the nine areas of your home. These are the center area, wealth, family, fame, career, knowledge, children, marriage and helpful people. You must accentuate each area appropriately based on its meaning.

For instance, the significance of bathrooms and toilets in feng shui has generated debates. Some practitioners believe that checking the toilet every time a person uses it brings bad energy and leaving the toilet seat up flushes fortune away. As for the bathroom, it shouldn’t be directly parallel to the bedroom in any way.

In terms of furniture placement, the general rules include the following:

  • Every room must have the minimal amount of furniture.
  • You must keep a distance of at least three feet among the pieces of your furniture.
  • A piece should be elevated at least a few inches from the floor to enable the chi to flow freely.
  • Avoid placing your seats in front of sharp objects because this will kill chi.
  • Place the furniture on an area where it will have a good view of the house’s entrance but keep it slanted to prevent the fierce chi from entering.

If you want to make sure that only good chi flows throughout your home, here are some tips that could help you attain good balance.

  1. Get rid of clutter- Common sense will tell you that to make your home look brighter and fresher, you need to clear everything that you don’t love and you don’t use anymore.
  2. Study the Ba Gua of your house- The Feng shui energy map of your residence will tell you which things must be done to decorate each area properly.
  3. Make sure to have good ventilation and light- These elements are needed for good chi. Allow as much natural light into your house and open your windows to let the air circulate well.
  4. Know your feng shui birth element- With this birth element, you will discover how to create and support your energy. Find out if your element is fire, water, air or earth.
  5. Know your Kua number and lucky directions- You need this to energize yourself with good chi. You might need to adjust your bed’s position or your desk to maximize the benefits of the good energy.
  6. Be mindful of your house’s feel and ambience- Be aware of how the energy flow influences you and your family’s well-being. Check out the feng shui’s “trinity” that are deeply connected to your health—the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

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